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Papua Blood
Bang, Peter
248 Sivua
ISBN 978-87-430-0101-0
€ 45,49
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Papua Blood

"Papua Blood" is a documentary account taking the reader through the western part of the island of New Guinea. Over an interval spanning three decades the author and photographer Peter Bang describes his experiences among the indigenous people of West Papua, who are threatened by a continuing history of genocide and extinction.

"... Excellent written with outstanding and valuable photos from a culture that one day will be gone.  The author enlightens and entertains while delivering a deeply engaged statement for West Papua's independence ... " - Jorgen Bjerre / journalist, former Chief Editor.

Peter Bang

Peter Bang - Lahir tahun 1957 di Denmark. Dia adalah seorang fotografer dan penulis perjalanan serta foto dokumenter orang pribumi. Melakukan perjalanan di antara penduduk asli Asia, Afrika, Amerika Utara, Greenland dan Pasifik.

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