From Flood to Fallen Kingdoms

From Flood to Fallen Kingdoms

A Biblical-Creationist History of the Ancient Near East: New Short Introduction

Jarno Moilanen


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ISBN-13: 9789528008156

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Julkaistu: 30.01.2019

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Kyllä

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From Flood to Fallen Kingdoms (FFFK) is the first truly authoritative, detailed and coherent, young-earth creationist overview of the post-flood history of the ancient Near East (and the land of Israel), for laypersons and scholars alike. It is a unique work which does not have any serious rivals in the biblical-creationist book market. The lack of a good and comprehensive introductory book was the main reason why I started to write the book in the first place.

I have made use of the best available scholarly literature, Christian as well as secular. The book contains a lot of my own research, but it is also in very good agreement with the archaeological articles written by A. J. M. Osgood (can be read at and the books of David Down (Unwrapping the Pharaohs and Unveiling the Kings of Israel), for example. FFFK follows the absolute chronology of Floyd Nolen Jones' The Chronology of the Old Testament. As a Bible-faithful narrative introduction to the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, From Flood to Fallen Kingdoms is far better than the existing apologetic works that come towards the genre of FFFK (Evidence for the Bible by Clive Anderson and Brian Edwards; Ancient Post-Flood History by Ken Johnson; The World's Story 1: The Ancients by Angela O'Dell, for example).

From Flood to Fallen Kingdoms will strengthen the faith of numerous believing readers who take the Holy Scriptures seriously. They will also be surprised to see how well the first five post-flood centuries, from Ararat to Abraham, which until now have been in great darkness, can be elucidated through proper interpretation of biblical and archaeological evidence.
Jarno Moilanen

Jarno Moilanen

I am a Finnish man from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland (and the official hometown of Santa Claus). I was born in 1987 to a family who belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. I became interested in God when I was a primary school pupil, but it was not until I was at junior high school that I really understood the grace of God in Jesus Christ. When I was a high school student I became very interested in the origin issues and began to study diligently the creation-evolution debate. I understood fast that the first chapters of Genesis must be taken as actual history, and I have been a young-earth creationist Bible-believing Christian ever since. After high school I went to a Bible school for three months. There I decided to go to study theology at a university. In 2015 I graduated with a Master of Theology from the University of Eastern Finland, majoring in Biblical Studies (especially the Old Testament). The subject of my thesis was the origin of the Book of Ecclesiastes. For many years now, however, my greatest interest has been the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East. Through my scholarly studies I want to strengthen the faith of my brothers and sisters in Christ and to show all the people of the world that the whole Bible can be trusted historically.

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