From Swamp to NYC

From Swamp to NYC

Tapio Tiihonen


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ISBN-13: 9789528063629

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Julkaistu: 07.05.2022

Kieli: englanti

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Good Afternoon!

The book is an adventure novel, a snapshot-action version. The highlights are meeting two U.S. presidents, Biden & Trump. Many famous names go through, and the happenings are bounded to real action. Politicians, generals, FBI figures, mercenaries, bankers, scientists, artists, celebrated actors, and common people get their part of the adventure. Slang, mainly NYC, and Shakespeare English give narration speed & energy.
And deep in the core goes ´luv´, and feelings for the Bronx Lady. And there is nothing that can hide or cover that. Enjoy, and exciting reading moments!
Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen is an author, who has written over 20 books: novels, scientific books, snapshot adventure stories, nonfiction, and fiction books. Books about Roman, Finland´s history. His thesis was a military history The Battles of Karelian Istymus 1944, and he wrote a series about the Fall of Rome. Lately, he has written five adventure books concerning modern time NYC fast life and culture. This book is the latest, and shall soon have an audiobook version, too.
The author's style is fast, action-loving, feelings-gathering, detailed, and full of humor and deadly challenges. If you love mind-blowing spirit, this is just the right book for you.
Tapio Tiihonen 19.4.2022

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