Humanity First!

Humanity First!

Towards an Ethical Civilisation

Heli Santavuori , Uusi historia ry (Ed.)

Yhteiskunta & politiikka


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ISBN-13: 9789527352113

Kustantaja: Uusi Historia Ry

Julkaistu: 22.06.2021

Kieli: englanti

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We are living in the era of the unification of humankind. Humanity will survive or perish together. So far, self-destruction seems more likely than survival.

What is the reason for the self-destructiveness of the human species? This is the crucial question of our time. Finding an answer to this question is the most important ethical and intellectual challenge of our era.

Humankind can survive only by building its internal relationships on the basis of self-knowledge. Only in this way we can live in harmony with nature. Our sole survival strategy is the knowledge of human history and human nature.

This program pamphlet contains a new and original view of the world today: the change of era, the crisis of democracy, and how we can see features of the future global society already in the present.

Humankind ought to come together to study and discuss the basic teachings of our history. To that end, this program provides some practical suggestions.

The program relies on the lifework of the Finnish philosopher Matti Puolakka. It makes use of his text archive, notes and speeches, which he left to the New History Association for safekeeping, editing and publication. A short presentation of Puolakka's lifework and a summary of his view of the entire history, i.e. the 2.5-million-year journey of the Homo family, are attached.

The program is available also on the web site of the New History Association:
Heli Santavuori

Heli Santavuori

Heli has participated in the research work on philosophy of history and archaeological theory. She is the the designer of the layout of the websites and printed publications of the New History Association.

Heli has edited a book consisting of speeches, messages and notes of Matti Puolakka, Only humans have history, with the help of other members of the New History Association.

As a side job, she has published exercise guides on classical ballet and pilates. She has also published an interview book on the experiences of a Finnish man, who had served in the French Foreign Legion in the Algerian War, and written romantic fiction in several magazines.

Uusi historia ry

Uusi historia ry (Ed.)

The New History Association was founded to support publishing, discussion and research based on the lifework of the Finnish philosopher Matti Puolakka.

We believe that the significance of his philosophy will be epoch-making for disciplines that explore (pre)history, the history of philosophy, and survival strategies of humankind.

In his will, Matti left the editing and publishing rights of his entire literary and audio-visual heritage to our association. If you consider that these ideas have value, not necessarily as ready-made answers, but as a vision and relevant questions, you can support our publishing work by purchasing our program bulletin or buying books or other products through our website.
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