Lean Six Sigma in Sales - Yin Yang -

Lean Six Sigma in Sales - Yin Yang -

Need for a common language

Antti Leijala


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ISBN-13: 9789523307308

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Julkaistu: 15.06.2016

Kieli: englanti

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This book is dedicated to Lean Six Sigma (L6S) as well as Sales process development professionals. Over the past several years I’ve personally experienced that one of the biggest reasons for Lean Six Sigma methods not being widely deployed in sales environment is the lack of common language between these two stakeholder groups. This triggered an idea to collect my thoughts in a book, or rather a dictionary, and thus share the benefits also to a wider audience.

By adoption of these ~20 comparisons (which takes you 30-60min), you’ve already taken a major step forward. You’re ready to move ahead with your L6S sales improvement initiative with the right mindset.
- Solution Selling vs. L6S sales
- Waste vs. opportunity
- Mitigate vs. elaborate
- VoC=VoB vs. VoC≠VoB
- Red vs Blue Ocean
- Manual vs. automated data
- Our company vs. competition
- High vs. low confidence level
- Standardize vs. improvise
- Lost vs. won
- Backward vs. forward
- Large/medium vs. small
- L6S vs. sales training
- Satisfaction vs. conversion
- Theory vs. hands-on (SIPOC)
- Own vs. customer process
- Process vs. customer adherence
- Pareto vs. (80/20)n
- Root cause of issues vs. success
- 100% vs. 200%

Lean Six Sigma (L6S) evolution is facing probably its biggest discontinuity, when applications are extending towards sales environment. This book sets the basics for a common language and mindset to bring together Lean Six Sigma and Sales professionals across the World, regardless of the industry and size of your company. These two distinguished stakeholder groups are coming from different environment, they have different education and mindset (even genes) and thus speaking the same language becomes the most critical success factor for driving L6S in sales environment (i.e. Yin Yang ).
Antti Leijala

Antti Leijala

Antti Leijala has over 20 years of broad international business management experience (product and solution management, business operations, change management, pricing, strategy, bid management, quality management, etc.).

Additionally, he has 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the fields of importing nanotechnology, hand-made leather crafts, and business consulting.

He is specialized and passionate in Lean Six Sigma usage in Sales environment, both in large global corporates as well as in 1-9 employee local micro-companies. Additionally, he's the only Lean Six Sigma Sales black belt in Finland and among very few globally. Using this knowledge, he is working on his doctoral thesis to deeper understand the common problems of small businesses and how to solve them.

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