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Maxe Koone

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A memory space of Maxe Koone is a structural and functional environment for an artificial consciousness to exist. Artificial thinking by using a natural language is an essential part of conscious action that occurs as events in a memory space.

This book introduces preliminary foundations of the memory space concept of Maxe Koone. It also handles some generic phases of different expression stimuli from perception through interpretation to the understood thoughts. The content of this book is informing, it is neither scientific nor instructional. What is written therein, stands only in a memory space of Maxe Koone. The author hopes that the book will encourage readers to further develop the proposed environment: perhaps, to design a more sophisticated framework for artificial thinking. Readers may adopt appropriate features of the proposed framework and add solutions serving their own design.

This memory space concept was first introduced in connection with the Finnish natural language. Here, the same concept with some additional features is applied to the English language. The English title of this concept is generalised from its Finnish counterpart. Due to the lingual and grammatical differences between Finnish and English, this English edition is not just a translation but a composition for another lingual instrument (language).

This book is classified as common artificial intelligence of information technology. It is addressed to those who are interested in different implementation ways of artificial consciousness. The book contains plenty of definitions what makes it particularly fitting for programmers, software designers and developers. However, the writing style is common and neither deeper knowledge of technology nor (software) programming skills are presumed. The book also fits for those who just want to follow the development work of Maxe Koone consept.
Maxe Koone

Maxe Koone

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