Methods for Development Work

Methods for Development Work

New kinds of competencies in business operations

Teemu Moilanen, Katri Ojasalo, Jarmo Ritalahti

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ISBN-13: 9789528092476

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Julkaistu: 21.06.2022

Kieli: englanti

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The purpose of this book is to give students and those already in working life new impetus to carry out various practical development projects. The extensive methodological package compiled in the book helps the reader to understand the entity of development work and the many possibilities associated with it.
The book provides a comprehensive overview of the approaches, processes, and methods that can be used in development work. In addition to traditional research and development methods, the book introduces design thinking, the production of innovations and the prediction of the future, and the numerous methods associated with them. The book offers concrete tools for agile organizational renewal and perspectives on the use of virtual environments in development work. The purpose is to encourage all developers to make their own reasonable solutions.
The book is suitable for all courses in which project or development work is done, and especially for courses in research and development methods and to support the completion of a thesis. It is a textbook that lasts from the beginning of studies to working life.
The work is intended mainly for universities, universities of applied sciences, polytechnics and other colleges, but it is also well suited for use by companies and other organizations.
Teemu Moilanen

Teemu Moilanen

Ph.D. (Economics & Business Administration),
is the Head of R&D at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
in Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Moilanen has 15 years of experience of
business development as a strategic management consultant, and has
participated to more than a hundred service design projects ranging
from airlines to hotel chains. The Service Design Network (SDN), the
leading international association of service design practitioners and
academics, has accredited Dr. Moilanen as a Service Design Master.

Katri Ojasalo

Katri Ojasalo

Ph.D. Vice President (Education), Ph.D. is responsible
for the Bachelor and Master level education at Laurea University of
Applied Sciences in Vantaa, Finland. She completed her Ph.D. on
service productivity at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki,
Finland in 1999. Service businesses have been her research and
development field for over 20 years; she is author or co-author of four
business books and more than 50 scientific articles, book chapters and
research papers.

Jarmo Ritalahti

Jarmo Ritalahti

Lic. Phil., a principal lecturer of tourism at Haaga-
Helia University of Applied Sciences and head of Master Degree in
Aviation and Tourism Business. His main areas of expertise are tourism,
travel intermediation and pedagogical and curriculum development
in higher education. He has worked in numerous development and
research projects especially in pedagogical development and tourism
as a regional development tool. He has published more than ten peerreviewed
journal and reader articles, conference papers and educative

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