Mira Mink: Collection of Photopoetry

Mira Mink: Collection of Photopoetry

Mira Mink: Collezione delle Fotopoesie

Mira Mink

Klassikot & runot


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ISBN-13: 9789528079620

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 13.09.2022

Kieli: englanti, italia

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Do you like nature and the city, near or from a distance ?
Moving is part of the artbook project. Both public transport and private vehicles have the possibility of sustainable development.
Are you inspired by the smell of pine forest? Mink depicts nature and urban streetscapes and combines them with texts and illustration. The Artwork explores authorship through filming and texts. Throughout the work new benefit, perspectives and meanings are born and the artbook material develops more professional skills. The style of the book is textual images and the impact they have.
Mira Mink

Mira Mink

Mira Mink is an artist, writer, teacher and producer of poetry events based in Helsinki, MA. Mira Mink has published four self-publishing works, the latest one is called Audiobooklike I 2022. Mink has also worked in other areas, such as art exhibitions and combining music with poetry in performances and open stage events. The factor behind the artist work is the joy of writing and the promotion of learning.

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