New York Smexy - The Gut & The Kiss

New York Smexy - The Gut & The Kiss

Tapio Tiihonen


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ISBN-13: 9789528014546

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Julkaistu: 01.10.2020

Kieli: englanti

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Love and Luxury, Money and Culture always try to find their way to You. Please, be patient and give them a Chance.

Dear Reader!

This is a story about how I meet My Lady Victoria June in New York City while making my Book Towns Group business. Just one a kiss, and the world has a different color. Especially in Brooklyn. Nahmean, the cool points are outto window and I´m all twisted up in the game. Our Romantic path is filled with noice bankers, gunrunners from Straight Cash/Get Gwop like gangs, the Bonanno, and other mobs, gr8 businessmen, the real Brooklyn sunshine. I, the deep Brooklyner, make deals and take my love, Victoria, and our dancers and singers, to the old continent. And we find a great connection with bootiful Europe and the swell U.S.

If You need a book of love and hard action, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, this is for You.
yours Tapio Tiihonen
Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen is a writer and a businessman whose History, Literature & Fiction books have been published in Finland. His style goes from popular and official history to adventure novels. His starting point was his Doctoral Thesis, a military study, and series The Chaos and Fall of the Roman Empire. There he expanded his vision to biographies and adventures. And as the CEO of his company Book Towns Group, he connects the villa culture to the book culture.
And Victoria June is a famous actress, a New Yorker, who gave the Author an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of this love story. She and the Author are the story´s basic elements, a phenomenon within its real-life context. NYC life, at the crossroads of the economic, cultural, and social world: multinational Brooklyn and Europe. You know, old-fashioned way, those lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch of the Author with a tender kiss. And there it was, the most exciting real-life case study for a lifetime. New York Smexy - flavored with the Brooklyn slang.

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