Returning to Grace

Returning to Grace

Markku Sarento


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ISBN-13: 9789524984607

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Julkaistu: 07.02.2018

Kieli: englanti

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Jesus Christ died on the cross and atoned for us all. Through his sacrifice we have been forgiven. There is no Christian truth more important than that.

Then how is it possible that most Christians do not seem to believe this anymore? Is that one of the reasons why Christianity looks so powerless in the western world? Could there be something blurring the original gospel?

Returning to Grace provides surprising answers to some of the most essential questions neglected for centuries. Written for everyone, this approachable little book says a lot more than you would expect.
Markku Sarento

Markku Sarento

Markku Sarento is an itinerant evangelist and a Lutheran minister who has worked with many churches and denominations. His wife Johanna has a call for prophetic prayer ministry. As a couple, they love to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and teach about reliance on God.

Markku and Johanna live in Finland, and they have three children who are grown up and married.

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