To whom the majesty of kingship has not been conferred

To whom the majesty of kingship has not been conferred

The Antichrist revealed?

Samuel Tuominen

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ISBN-13: 9789528047711

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Julkaistu: 09.05.2022

Kieli: englanti

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How did Sir Isaac Newton, the most important figure of the Scientific Revolution, believe in literal fulfillment of the biblical prophecies on the end-times? What did he say about the foretold Antichrist?

What Paul really taught in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 on the revelation of the man of lawlessness? Will Rapture precede that or vice versa?

How and why did Princess Diana think that her husband Charles, the Prince of Wales, was a murderer? How and why did she think that there was a conspiracy against her and that he would murder also her in a staged "car accident"? How does this relate to the biblical prophecies on the foretold Antichrist?

Why so many students of the Bible prophecy have taught since the early 1980s that Prince Charles could be actually the foretold Antichrist?

To many of us he seems superficially the most unlikely candidate for this role. But is he, in fact, the most likely candidate, based on the number of biblical prophecies on that man what Charles can fulfill more literally than any other presumed Antichrist candiate?
How there is hardly any biblical prophecy on that man's foretold attributes that Charles cannot already fulfill one way or another?
How has he taken lately a more prominent and visible political role? Why Joe Biden and many other world leaders follow the post-pandemic agenda called "Build Back Better" that Prince Charles launched in January 2020 at Davos together with the founder of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab?

Why does its expert Justin Haskins think it "represents the most significant threat to capitalism and individual liberty in more than a half-century."

Why Prince Charles has been compared already with such bloodthirsty tyrants as Pol Pot, like Michael Rubin did in his op-ed in the Washington Examiner, an American conservative news website and weekly magazine? How Charles himself likes to compare himself with the cruel tyrants of the past centuries like Henry VIII?

How the Book of Daniel foretold the whole world history of the last twenty-five centuries? How it relates to Prince Charles? Did Daniel see the history of the British Empire and its monarchy? Did he see something epoch-making to happen in 2023? What about the mysterious relic of the Middle Ages, called True Cross?

And so much more in this book that one reader characterized as "revolutionary".
Samuel Tuominen

Samuel Tuominen

The author is an independent Christian author, blogger, and YouTuber from Finland. The author's main thesis is his extensive study of biblical eschatology to demonstrate how the most important historical events fit together with the visions of the Book of Daniel. He has also dedicated his life to studying the possible candidate for the biblical Antichrist. The author has written more than a million words or over 4000 pages in his blog and books. To whom the majesty of kingship has not been conferred - The Antichrist revealed? is his first book in the English language.

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