Ultimate Language Notebook

Ultimate Language Notebook

Kristian Muthugalage

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ISBN-13: 9789528090977

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Julkaistu: 28.08.2020

Kieli: englanti

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The Ultimate Language Notebook is a vocabulary notebook to learn any language. The notebook makes it easier to learn new vocabulary. There are 72 topics and 160 pages in the notebook.

The left pages have lists of words and phrases that are important to know in any language. You just need to find the answer in your target language and write it down next to the English word. The right pages are all empty so that you can add more words, phrases or notes as you advance in your studies.

After the the 72 topics there are four spreads that are completely empty, both the left and right pages so that you can add your own topics if you didn't find a suitable topic from the 72 existing ones.

In the beginning there are three empty pages where you can write the script and alphabet of the language that you are learning. This is particularly helpful if you learn languages such as Hindi, Japanese or several other languages using their own writing systems. You can also use those pages to draw grids or something else to create your study plan or schedule.

By filling all the left pages you will learn more than 2400 words and more than the 400 most common verbs. By filling all the 81-84 empty pages you could reach a total amount of 5000 words depending on the size of your handwriting and if you prefer adding new words or use the same words in different contexts.

3000 words is usually more than 90% of all the vocabulary needed in everyday life in almost any language. So by reaching 4000-5000 words means that you will probably have all the most essential vocabulary within the pages of one notebook. This notebook is meant to be the center of the vocabulary and knowledge in your target language.
Kristian Muthugalage

Kristian Muthugalage

Kristian Muthugalage is a Finnish-Sri Lankan polyglot who creates language learning notebooks and walks across different countries practicing foreign languages that he's learning.


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