Your Own Blue Ocean

Your Own Blue Ocean

Practical advice and exercises for defining and achieving your own success, enhancing your sense of happiness and finding Your Own Blue Ocean

Hannu Pirilä


180 sivua

ISBN-13: 9789528025078

Kustantaja: Books on Demand

Julkaistu: 02.07.2020

Kieli: englanti

Värillinen sisältö: Ei

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"A book that gives you, the reader, the tools to change the very direction of your life. While many of the tools here come from my work, the package of how Hannu has assembled them is both unique and delightful. He has kept the simplicity I have always striven for and also presented a package for the reader to learn how to look beyond their own limitation to the very horizon of possibility."
-Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, author of more than 30 books and creator of behavioral technologies

Your Own Blue Ocean is a guide for people to get the new life they want - no matter where they are in their life at the moment.

Your Own Blue Ocean is not, however, a mundane or conventional guide for a better life. This book does not contain any new age hype or forced happiness exercises. Your Own Blue Ocean is a tried and proven method that propels its reader toward a life they want, designed by oneself.

This book will not tell you what to do. Rather, through the included instructions and exercises, you can find a new course of your life, and thereby the best means, to find and achieve Your Own Blue Ocean.
Hannu Pirilä

Hannu Pirilä

Hannu Pirilä is one of Finland's leading NLP trainers and self-development coaches. He is known for the books he has written, his results-producing coaching, and the Your Own Blue Ocean concept he developed, all of which have produced significantly better quality of life and mental well-being for numerous people.

Hannu's background is in management and executive positions in the hotel and restaurant industry, where his more than 15-year career included jobs not only in Finland but also in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Russia, China and the USA. Today, Hannu is an internationally acclaimed NLP trainer and works e.g. in the team of assisting NLP trainers at seminars by the developer of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and world-renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna.

Hannu works not only as an NLP trainer and NLP coach, but also as a business consultant and business coach, a speaker at seminars and other events, and a mental coach for athletes.

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