Tree generation and enumeration

Tree generation and enumeration

A collection of mathematical ideas in graph theory

Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

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ISBN-13: 9789528015796

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Julkaistu: 28.12.2021

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I believe in inspiring and connecting people with mathematics. I also believe in sharing knowledge and passing it on to further generations. By making books and building a community for graph theory and treespeak enthusiasts, I can show people that mathematics is a form of art, a pinnacle of creativity, and a competitive game as well.

Whether you are a mathematician, student, teacher, enthusiast or hobbyist, I think this book can awaken your curiosity, and help you in your mathematical journeys. Especially if you would like to know about tree generation and enumeration, how trees are linked to partitions and what a Peano-like axiomatic system for rooted trees looks like.

Treespeak is about the subtle cooperation between vertex edge algebra and the tree generation algorithm. Feel free to check out the Treespeak tool / game in my website
Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

Jesse Sakari Hyttinen is a mathematician, programmer and author, and is also a passionate user of partition form and symbolic treespeak. He makes projects in mathematics and programming, and usually combines both aspects of these, and also makes Instagram posts about tree generation and enumeration.

Having conducted independent research in the realm of tree generation and enumeration for many years, he has developed a strong intuition especially in rooted tree generation. With the goal of sharing knowledge and building a community for graph theory and treespeak enthusiasts, he wants to show that mathematics can be a form of art, a pinnacle of creativity and also a fun, competitive game as well.

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